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New chairman at British Chamber of Commerce

The British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (BCCH) has elected Duncan Graham as its new chairman, replacing Raiffeisen Bankʼs Vazul Tóth at the helm of the organization, according to an announcement by the chamber.

Photo: Facebook

The appointment was announced in the wake of the results of BCCHʼs elections for its council and chairman this week.

"My aim as chairman is to guide, with the help of the elected council and our managing director, the chamber through the uncertain times ahead," said Graham regarding the appointment, according to a BCCH Facebook post.

"We have a unique opportunity to show our commitment to the BCCH, demonstrating our ability to showcase the strengths of British Business and Community whilst developing our bonds and connections still further," he continued. "The support and work undertaken by the council over the last few years has given us an extremely solid foundation, [which] we will build still further to cement and enhance our relationship with our host country Hungary. We will endeavor to ensure that we support our existing members, as well as offering relevant and interesting events to attract new ones."

Graham is the managing director of G&G Wealth Limited, as well as the head of the St. Andrewʼs Association in Hungary, which promotes
Scottish culture and manages charity programmes to support underprivileged and sick children.

In addition to the new council, the BCCH will have new management: after 13 years, Csilla Csurgai, who has been Executive Director since 2009, steps down and is leaving the chamber as of May 31. Her successor will be Oliver Strommer, who led the British Business Center in Budapest from 2014 to 2019.

The British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary is an independent non-profit organization, which has been serving its members since its foundation in 1991 by British investors. Its stated mission is "to represent British, Hungarian and international companies with the overarching principles of British business values and promote trade and investment flows between the U.K. and Hungary."