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‘Permanent Revolution’: Ukrainian contemporary art at Ludwig Museum

The first major presentation of Ukrainian contemporary art in Hungary opened on Thursday at the Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art.

Photo:©Igor Petrof: Maidan, photo, 2014 

Organized jointly with the Zenko Foundation of Ukraine, in cooperation with Budapest Spring Festival, “Permanent Revolution” will run until June 24. 

Presenting the works of several generations of artists, the organizers describe the exhibition as a rare chance to explore an extremely vibrant art scene of a country which, to a great degree, remains a blind spot on the cultural map of Europe.

In the last 30 years, Ukraine acquired state independence, confronted the phenomenon of oligarchic capitalism, went through three waves of mass protests, two revolutions, a war in the country’s east, the annexation of Crimea, and a neurotic and belated de-communization.

"ʼPermanent Revolutionʼ focuses on the question of what contemporary art is today in a system where people build barricades on the country’s main square with startling regularity, with beauty and elemental conceptualism that the world’s best artists could envy," the Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art said in a press statement.