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Only 6.5% of Romanians buy books

The number of Romanians who buy at least one book per year is under 1.3 million, or just 6.5% of the total population, according to Eurostat research cited by the Association of Editors in Romania. 

That striking statistic means Romania has the smallest book market in the European Union in terms of value and number of readers, according to the association, reported.

Not even students or teachers seem interested in reading, according to the editors’ representatives, with the market for school books estimated at EUR 30 million per year. The traditional book market in Romania amounts to EUR 60 mln per year.

Bulgaria, with a population a third of the size of Romaniaʼs, has book sales of EUR 60 mln per year, while Slovenia, which has two million inhabitants, has a book market of EUR 75 mln, according to Romania-insider.