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Report: Putin could discuss economic alliance with Orbán

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin probably invited Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to Moscow in February because he is seeking allies to oppose EU sanctions against Russia, Hungarian online daily reported today.

Putinʼs visit to Budapest last year. (Photo: Botár)

Citing unnamed government sources, wrote that the two leaders are likely to discuss the expansion of Hungary’s sole nuclear power plant in Paks, as well as the purchase of weapons and military helicopters.

The visit was initiated by Russia, as Putin is looking for strong allies that would assist in his opposition to the European Union’s economic sanctions against Russia that were extended in December for period of six months, the daily writes. also noted that, although Orbán voted in favor of the sanctions, he said that “we have shot ourselves in the foot”, given that for an economy based on exports, actions such as these always go against “national interests”.