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Hungary stands with Austria after terror attack, Orbán says

Hungary stands fully with Austria and is ready to do everything in its power to save Europe from a series of terrorist attacks, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in a video posted on social media in response to yesterdayʼs Vienna terror attacks, according to a report by

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"We are shocked and upset after hearing the news of the terrorist attack on the Austrian capital. As they say here in Budapest, we are brothers-in-law, an attack on you is an attack on us, your pain is our pain, your challenges are our challenges," the prime minister said.

Orbán also offered personal support to the Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz. "Be sure, dear Sebastian, that we are by your side and will do everything we can to deter future perpetrators and to help you in catching them. We are ready to do everything we can  together with you to save Europe from the series of terrorist attacks that we had to suffer through in recent days."

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó advocated for a strong European response, arguing that it is time for Europe to "wake up" and to "come together against terror."

"It must be recognized that Europeʼs security, and with it its European way of life, is under attack," he wrote in a Facebook post, adding that both the EU and the nations of Europe must defend themselves against the increasing violence, otherwise they will face a huge problem.