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Hungarian govʼt spokesmen attack ‘political’ EC Country Report

Government spokesman Zoltán Kovács described a Country Report on Hungary published by the European Commission (EC) as “political” as it contains only negative remarks. Minister of State for Government Communication Bence Tuzson accused the EC of “interfering in the Hungarian election campaign and [...] using the report to help the opposition.”

In the Country Report, which warned against the overheating of the Hungarian economy, the EC observed that “weaknesses in institutional soundness and governance could weigh on the countryʼs economic convergence” and said “limited transparency and quality of policy making is a source of uncertainty for investors.”

In addition, the report said that social dialogue structures and processes remain “underdeveloped,” and that Hungary “performs weakly” in terms of accessibility and quality of public information.

“Why is it always that the European Commission issues opinions that suggest the glass is at most only half full, particularly with regard to campaigns and political turning points,” Kovács was quoted as saying by state news wire MTI at a press conference in Brussels late Wednesday.  He added that Hungary does not believe the report reflects the results achieved by the government in the area of the economy, the reform of the justice system, or other issues affected by measures taken.  

Tuzson said the aim of the “Brussels report” is to place pressure on Hungary and to achieve the demise of the national government and replace it with a “pro-immigration cabinet that is acceptable to Brussels,” which he said would demolish the border security fence and implement refugee relocation quotas, something the current government vehemently opposes.