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Giro dʼItalia organizers offer 2021 Grande Partenza to Hungary

The organizers of the Giro dʼItalia, one of Europeʼs three cycling Grand Tours, have offered to let Hungary host the starting stages of the race, the "Grande Partenza", in 2021, government commissioner Máriusz Révész said on public television on Friday, according to a report by state news wire MTI.

Image by Pexels

Hungary was to have hosted the Grande Partenza of the 2020 Giro dʼItalia in May, but the race was postponed because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Révész said on news channel M1 that the Giro dʼItalia organizers had postponed this yearʼs race until October and offered to let Hungary host the starting stages then, but the country couldnʼt accept because of the risk of a second wave of coronavirus infections as well as the reduced tourism value of a fall contest.

"Weʼve been negotiating with the Italian organizers, and they have offered, in theory, to let us hold the Grande Partenza in May 2021," he said.

All of the preparations made earlier to host the race this year, such as planning the stages, wouldnʼt go to waste if Hungary would host the Grande Partenza in 2021, he added.

Hungary had originally planned to host the 2020 Grande Partenza on May 9-11. An individual time trial would have taken place in Budapest on Saturday, May 9; while the second stage would have started in the capital and finished in Győr; and the third stage would have started in Székesfehérvár and finished in Nagykanizsa, skirting the shores of Lake Balaton.