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Price of ‘lightning chargers’ to be set after test period

According to a report by daily newspaper Népszava, the use of 50 kW DC electric vehicle chargers and 43 kW AC chargers is now in a test period with a price of HUF 50/minute, with lower-performance chargers also slowly ceasing to be free.

State-run public utilities company NKM Nemzeti Közművek said that its subsidiary, NKM Mobilitás Kft., has built 86 public chargers so far across Hungary. Some 16 of the charging stations are so-called "lightning chargers," with a performance of 50 kW. These are usually located near the busiest main roads of the country. The company has also concluded contracts with sports goods retailer Decathlon to outfit chargers in its parking lots.

Contrary to former practice, chargers can only be used with the NKM Mobiliti app or the RFID ID provided to registered clients. The company told Népszava that while 22 kW chargers will remain free, the price of lightning chargers will depend on the results of a test period. In March-April this year, the price was only HUF 10/minute.