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Share of organic farming land below EU average

The share of agricultural land used for organic farming in Hungary stood at 3.9% in Hungary in 2018, below the EU average of 7.5%, according to a recently published report by Eurostat.

Chart: Eurostat

The member states with the largest shares of organic area were Austria (24.1%), Estonia (20.6%) and Sweden (20.3%), followed by Italy (15.2%), the Czech Republic (14.8%), Latvia (14.5%), Finland (13.1%) and Slovenia (10%).

In the remaining member states, the share of organic area was below 10 %, with the lowest proportions registered in Malta (0.4%), Romania (2.4%), Bulgaria, Ireland and the United Kingdom (each with 2.6%).

The total organic area in the EU amounted to 13.4 million hectares in 2018, with Hungary accounting for 209,400 hectares, up approximately 60% from 2012.