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Sfantu Gheorghe welcomes MNKH office

The Hungarian National Trading House (MNKH), established by the Hungarian state to seek out new opportunities for domestic companies on markets abroad, opened an office in Romania’s Sfantu Gheorghe yesteday, Romanian daily reported.

In addition to the one in Sfantu Gheorghe, other offices will soon be opened in Odorheiu Secuiesc, Targu Mures, Cluj Napoca, Arad, Oradea and Satu Mare, Peter Skapinyecz, who is in charge of developing MNKHʼs network in the region, told the portal. Skapinyecz said he expects the establishment of MNKH’s entire network to be completed by February, the portal reported.

He added that approximately 12,9000 Hungarian-owned companies conduct businesses in Romania and have invested €700 million locally.