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MNB gave away HUF 2.59 bln in support last year

According to the latest report published on its website, the National Bank of Hungary (MNB) supported 17 organizations in Q4 2019 with HUF 978 million, writes

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The recipients include nine universities, six foundations, and the Autism Assistance Center and the Museum of Fine Arts. The latter received the most, nearly HUF 410 mln, followed by two universities, Corvinus University of Budapest with HUF 164.44 mln, and Budapest University of Technology and Economics with nearly HUF 101.7 mln.

In total, in 2019 the MNB provided support to 45 non-governmental organizations worth a total of HUF 2.59 billion.

The Museum of Fine Arts tops the annual sponsorship list, but the next in line is the Money Compass Foundation with HUF 363 mln, while the third is the Corvinus University of Budapest, which has received nearly HUF 340 mln in several stages.

The MNB discloses on a quarterly basis its non-core expenditures in excess of HUF 5 mln, explains.