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High-speed railway to link Budapest and Cluj-Napoca

Magyar Építők reports that a call has been published to carry out a feasibility study on the Budapest-Cluj-Napoca high-speed railway line, citing a public procurement notice.

Image: Pixabay

The construction of the high-speed rail link between the Hungarian capital and Cluj, the fourth most populous city in Romania and the unofficial capital of Transylvania, would include approximately 250-300 km of railway track, including a section capable of taking trains at speeds of between 250 km/h and 350 km/h.

The route would be expected to carry at least 500,000 passengers a year, and the line would connect to the public transport systems of two other cities via an intermodal junction.

Bridges and tunnels will be built at the intersection of high-traffic roads in urban areas, under difficult terrain conditions, and at least two river and two road crossings will be needed.

The route would use "some of the existing railway lines" on the domestic Hungarian section, Magyar Építők adds.