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Gyulai: Orbán confuses immigrants with refugees

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has been confusing immigrants with refugees since February, Gábor Gyulai of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee told Hungarian online daily, in response to the Prime Minister’s speech on Tuesday in the European Parliament.

Sharing his ideas on immigration, Orbán said he “is convinced” that Hungary “has never been a multicultural society” and that “we have never accepted immigrants arriving from our colonies.” Orbán said that Hungary understands that there are EU members that represent a different point of view on immigrants and Hungary respects that. However, he reiterated that EU members should be allowed to decide independently on their immigration policies.

According to Gyulai, asylum seekers should not be confused with “economic immigrants”. “It is not accidental that Hungarian professional organizations such as the Ministry of the Interior or the Office of Immigration and Nationality do not take sides in the debate,” Gyulai said. “The topic has become the part of political communication, but what Orbán and other government members have been saying in connection with this topic is a stunning mush and flood of lies,” Gyulai added.