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Government to spend HUF 3 bln more on fostered workers

The Hungarian government is planning to launch a program at a cost of HUF 3 billion this year to help fostered workers enter the labor market, in addition to the HUF 340 bln currently allocated for fostered workers in general for this year, Hungarian online daily reported today.

Péter Cseresnyés, state secretary of the National Economy Ministry (NGM), today announced the launch of the “From public work schemes to the labor market”, to help with the integration of fostered workers, reported. The Hungarian governmentʼs original justification for the fostered work scheme, however, was to help unemployed Hungarians reenter the labor market, noted.

Cseresnyés expects the new program to help approximately 20,000-25,000 fostered workers return to the labor market, reported.

Experts say the actual unemployment rate is higher than the official figure published by the Central Statistical Office today, which counts Hungarians working abroad and people working for the stateʼs fostered work scheme as being employed.