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Government announces 5G ambitions

The government aims to achieve 5G coverage of county cities and major transport routes in the country by the end of 2023, two years ahead of the target set by the European Union, according to

If this is achieved, GDP is expected to be boosted by up to HUF 1.1 billion and 135,000 jobs, thanks to the direct and spill-over effects. The digital economy is extremely prevalent in Hungary, generating close to 20% of the gross value added to the national economy.

“In addition to participating in the construction of the infrastructure, the creation of demand and the stimulation of the demand for the 5G network are a priority task of the state. This is not just about supporting R&D, but also developing IT projects that are in demand for the 5G network,” said László Palkovics, the Minister for Innovation and Technology, regarding the government’s role, quotes him as saying.