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Food industry given HUF 360 bln in EU subsidies

The Hungarian food industry received more than HUF 360 billion in EU subsidies between 2014 and 2020, and the next seven-year development plan for the agricultural ministry will pave the way for further innovation in the sector, said Róbert Zsigó, State Secretary for Food Chain Supervision, reports. 

According to the state secretary, further development in the food industry will see HUF 57 bln from the investment promotion allocation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs (MoE), HUF 78 bln from the Operational Program for Economic Development and Innovation (GINOP), nearly HUF 200 bln from the Rural Development Program for the development of micro and small enterprises, and non-refundable grants for many other operational programs (which can total up to HUF 300 bln).

Some HUF 34 bln was channeled into the sector from the Large Enterprise Investment Support Program coordinated by the Ministry of Finance.

Zsigó emphasized that the sectoral development plan of the Ministry of Agriculture for 2021-2027 summarizes the most important innovation steps of the next seven years, added.