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Red Ball Theater brings ‘American entrepreneurial mindset’ to workshops

Red Ball Theater in Budapest aims at making communication "easy, fun, and cool" with a variety of workshops and programs, the theaterʼs founder Peter Mezey told the Budapest Business Journal. 

Mezey, describing himself as "American by birth, Hungarian by culture," founded Red Ball Theater in 2015. He says that he creates a community that "instills an American entrepreneurial mindset in students."

"Out of my classes have come businesses and events as we teach people to start asking ‘How can I get it done?’, rather than complain ‘This is why it canʼt be done’," he notes.

The theaterʼs 2019 program is underway, offering a variety of events. One such occasion is "Improv Tuesdays," featuring three-hour courses that use improvised theater to teach creativity and confidence. Further information is available here.

Another event, Comedy Goulash, is held every other Wednesday and features Hungaryʼs first comedy variety show straight out of New York. Mini-classes precede each show so participants can learn the basics of comedy and make friends before the show even starts. Further information is available here.

Every other Monday, the theater organizes public speaking workshops with topics such as "Donald Trump’s Social Superpowers Revealed" and "Stealing Food from Lions." The event uses real-life examples to show participants how they can become more confident and charismatic, learning skills to "grow into a social superhero." Further information is available at the eventʼs Facebook page.

Other programs such as "High-Status English," "Shy-Guy Destroyer," and "Office Energizers" are also available.