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Liszt Academy 2019/2020 season tickets available

Tickets for the new season of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music offer specialities, unique program selections and top-class performers, the academy told the Budapest Business Journal.

A series titled “Organ in the Center” will open with Latviaʼs Iveta Apkalna and Germanyʼs Martin Schmeding, while three outstanding Hungarian artists will perform Johann Sebastian Bach’s solo instrumental compositions in the “Bach in Solo” series.

In the “Orchestra in the Center” series, leading European ensembles will arrive with national and international stars, including first-time guest Anime Eterna Brugge and Russian pianist Denis Matsuev, who will perform a rare piano concerto with the accompaniment of the best musicians of the Vienna and Berlin Philharmonics.

The “Silent Strings” series offers real musical adventures in which three exceptional performers show how great instruments used in classical music fit well into today’s world of music.

The “Talent Obliges” series features two prominent international competition prize-winning musicians, among others.

The youngest music fans can also familiarise themselves with various kinds of dance music in the new “Liszt Kidz Academy” series.

Further information is available on the Liszt Academyʼs website.