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Continest develops foldable containers suitable for COVID-19 test labs

Continest Technologies Plc. have installed and put into operation the very first coronavirus test-lab that uses foldable container technology in Budapest, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Pain Ambulance has re-opened its unit on Csörsz utca specializing in musculoskeletal injuries, physiotherapy, and biomechanical examinations this month, offering coronavirus tests as well.

With a focus on extensive core activities and the safety of clients, the ambulance decided to deploy a Smart COVID Center outdoors.

This testing center is made of two 10-feet foldable containers by Continest, allowing clients to be completely separated. The testing center is operated by professionals of the Pain Ambulance. 

The ambulance says that the sampling room provides a comfortable and safe environment for each serological tests, PCR, antigen rapid tests, and combined tests as well.

The analysis and evaluation of the samples are carried out in a separate microbiological laboratory.

Worldwide interest in ContiLab technology

The core business of Continest is producing and marketing innovative and foldable container technology, mainly for the events industry and the defense sector.

The company launched a new project named ContiLab. Within the framework of the project, American and Hungarian microbiologists, virologists, professionals from the Hungarian Defense Forces’ Institute of Modernization, design engineers and economic experts are working together in developing a sampling and molecular diagnostics laboratory using foldable container technology.

According to the press release, the companyʼs foldable container lab solution could be deployed within three hours. Besides Hungarian authorities, Finnish, Israeli, and Kuwaiti organizations have also expressed their interest in ContiLab laboratories. 

A video about the installation of foldable containers at Pain Ambulance is available here.

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