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New program to boost young entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial spirit of young Hungarian people is well below the international average, reports, citing the latest survey compiled by the Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students Survey (GUESS). A new program aims to change the trend.

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Only some 5.1% of graduating students start a business in Hungary compared to the international average of 11.2%. Economist Gábor Berger, author of a book titled "Cégalapítás fiatalon” ("How to Start a Business at a Young Age") said most young people know almost nothing about how to open a business.

Their fears are understandable as there are a good deal of prejudices and misbeliefs relating to entrepreneurialism in Hungary, he said.

A new program based in part on his work aims to give a better picture of building a business in Hungary and to boost the motivation of young graduates.

Schools participating in the project will get 1,000 copies of the book for educational purposes, adds.