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Maform moves to new Újbuda premises

Industrial design company Maform has moved to new premises in the Újbuda district of the capital, into a high-tech 200 square-meter space that the company says reflects its approach to design, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Maform CEO Péter Molnár (left) in Maformʼs new office (photo by

According to the press release, the main sources of inspiration behind the move were tech firm Google and the plan to double its workforce. The company has made it to the TOP 100 most desirable workplaces in Hungary, with its office styled as a "home away from home" to increase productivity.

"We wanted to create a space for staff that was cutting-edge and provided a home away from home," explains Maform Design CEO Péter Molnár. "We took inspiration from tech leader Google, whose offices are quirky and creative, and made it our own through famous studio Minusplus. We are very proud of our new offices, which will serve as our base as we continue to develop and grow as a company."

The new 200 sqm offices, designed by Minusplus in an industrial style, include a showroom, alongside a prototyping workshop with 3D printers. The facility also features a relaxation area, kitchen, bathrooms, a photo studio, meeting room/workshop, standing and sitting adjustable desks, and custom-made adjustable lighting by Hungarian designers.

The move tops out the companyʼs already successful eighth year in business, including doubling its workforce, winning a German Design Award, and securing a partnership with Japanese automotive producer Phiaro.