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Maform signs major deal with Japanese auto producer Phiaro

Hungarian industrial design studio Maform Design, the company behind the redesign of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Edge smartwatch, as well as the creation of the Modulo city bus and the Velo class bicycle counter, has announced an exclusive partnership with the Japanese Phiaro Group. 

Maform Design co-founder Péter Molnár (photo by

Maform Design will assist Phiaro with its automobile user interfaces, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

"We have now officially entered the automotive industry and that is a distinct leap for us," said Péter Molnár, CEO and co-founder of Maform. "We see working alongside Japanese leader Phiaro as being an extremely positive fit and it has definitely helped us gain wider market knowledge. We believe working alongside such a well-established automotive leader will only help strengthen Maform’s reputation and highlight Hungary as a hub for international designers globally."

Phiaro specializes in styling, engineering, modeling and production of vehicles, having started to produce sports cars, motorcycles, and trucks some 78 years ago. Its creations include the P75 Concept Cipher sportscar, the P75 Sidekick motorcycle, the Buzz Copter drone helicopter, and the Grasshopper motorcycle.

Budapest-based Maform Design was first recognized by Phiaro for its revolutionary process that bridges the gap between design and expertise through producing prototypes and custom digital interfaces, according to the press release.