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Lego plant in Nyíregyháza sees rise in orders

Lego Manufacturing Kft., based in Nyíregyháza (240 km northeast of Budapest) increased its net sales by almost 12% to HUF 37.5 billion, while its after-tax profit increased by almost 90% to over HUF 1 bln, writes Világgazdaság.

The reason for the latter is largely due to the fact that the company changed its short-term liabilities to a long-term loan of HUF 50 bln, financed by the group, to pay for investments.

Last year, the owner increased the companyʼs subscribed capital by HUF 1 million to HUF 5 mln, while the capital reserve was increased by HUF 20 bln.

Due to the shutdown of Legoʼs plant in Mexico, caused by manufacturing issues exacerbated by COVID-19, orders from the Hungarian plant have increased.