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No permit for Red Bull Air Race, says Budapest mayor

No permit will be granted for Julyʼs Red Bull Air Race, which traditionally takes place over the Danube in Budapest, the Office of the Mayor told Hungarian news agency MTI on Tuesday.

Photo: Móni Lázár

Mayor István Tarlós, "taking into consideration the observations and interests of the residents of Budapest," has informed the Red Bull Air Race organizers that the eventʼs "inadequate conditions" prevent the issue of a permit for this yearʼs race, planned for July, the office said.

Instead, Tarlós suggested the organizers pick an alternative venue, such as the Danube Bend or the area around one of Hungaryʼs bigger lakes.

After the conclusion of last yearʼs Red Bull Air Race in the center of the capital, Tarlós apologized for the inconvenience caused to residents and said the capital would not host the event under the present conditions as long as he remains in office. The mayor said so many complaints had been made about the noise, and the organizers had closed off so much public space for such a long time, that "no matter how successful the event, Budapest residents canʼt be put through such an ordeal."

Budapest has hosted the Red Bull Air Race every year but one since its launch in 2003. Last yearʼs race took place on June 23-24, but pilots practiced for days before and some roads around the event venue were closed for more than a week.