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Vienna 1st, Budapest 76th most liveable city in the world

Vienna remained on top for the ninth year as the city with the best quality of living, according to an annual list of world cities compiled by U.S. consultancy firm Mercer. Budapest ranks 76th among 231 cities on the list.

According to the 2018 Quality of Living ranking compiled for the 20th time this year by Mercer, Vienna is followed by Zürich, with Auckland and Munich in joint third place. Vancouver completes the top five and is the highest-ranking city in North America. Singapore (25th) and Montevideo (77th) are the highest-ranking cities in Asia and Latin America, respectively.

In Europe, as a result of the terrorist attack in Stockholm in April 2017, the city drops three places (to 23rd), while Oslo (25th) and Lisbon (38th) rise up the rankings by six and five places, respectively.

London remains further down the list and, due to its persistent issues with traffic congestion and air pollution, drops one place to rank 41st.

In the East European region, Budapest ranks 76th, preceded by Prague (69th) and Ljubljana (75th).

The aim of the survey, based on 39 criteria, is to enable multinational companies and other organizations to compensate employees fairly when placing them on international assignments, Mercer says.