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Hungarians less interested in working abroad

Despite persistent fears of an ongoing brain drain, it seems that far fewer Hungarians wish to emigrate to work abroad compared to four years ago. At the same time, foreign employers are less interested in the Hungarian labor force, according to a study conducted by Boston Consulting and the work placement site.

A study conducted in 197 countries, with the participation of 366,000 employees and 6,000 labor placement companies, reveals that 35% of Hungarians would go abroad to work now, while four years ago this figure was 58%. The global average is now 57%, business news site reported.

The decrease compared to 2014 is most spectacular among young Hungarians, 45% of whom would leave the country to work, compared to 60% four years ago; 37% of the highly qualified would leave, down from 65% in 2014. The majority of those who wish to leave work in the IT and technology sector, business administration and media.

The study shows that the desire to leave has decreased across the whole of Eastern Europe. Speculation is that one possible reason for this is that economies in the region have grown and now there are more jobs and better prospects than previously.