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Equal pay in Hungary still a half century away, suggests report

Hungary is expected to be the last country in Europe to close the gender pay gap, and this cannot be expected to happen earlier than 2068, according to the latest research by B2B marketplace Expert Market, a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal today reveals.

Expert Market investigated the factors that affect the gender pay gap in the European Union by modelling current pay gap trends into the future for five economic factors (hours worked, sector, age, industry and job type), in order to identify both the countries and groups of women who will see the gender pay gap close quickest.

Hungarian women finished bottom in the rankings with a pay gap closure date of 2068, favoring women aged 55-64 who worked a professional/technical role in the public energy sector. Hungary finished bottom with the United Kingdom, which was thought likely to be waiting for pay parity until 2067.

Surprisingly, Romania took the top spot with a potential gender pay gap closure date of 2018 for women aged between 25 and 34 working a skilled manual role within the private hospitality industry most likely to achieve equal pay first, the press statement reveals.

In all of the top-performing nations, the quickest routes to gender pay equality favored women currently aged 34 or under working in some capacity for the government or in the electricity and energy sectors.

“Although it is troubling to see the gender pay gap persisting in the EU, it is encouraging to see several potential closure dates in the near future. This research indicates that the traditional European powers - U.K. , France and Germany - could be doing more to help close the gender pay gap,” said Michael Horrocks, publishing manager at Expert Market.