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Telenor appoints corporate comms director

Telenor Hungary has announced the appointment of Attila Mészáros as its new corporate communications director, responsible for the sustainability area as well as internal and external communications of the firm, according to the mobile operatorʼs website.


Attila Mészáros has almost 20 years of experience in the communications and marketing areas in the ICT sector. Starting in 2008, he was responsible for directing Cisco Hungaryʼs marketing and communications activities as marketing and PR head. Then, after 2012, he was responsible for the conduct of marketing and communications campaigns in more than 15 countries as Ciscoʼs regional director.

In the past two years, Mészáros worked as marketing director for four branches of a small Hungarian medicine company.

The new communications director is a qualified economist. He started his career on the communications agency side in managerial and advisory positions, with clients including PanTel, Cisco, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Sony Ericsson, and Albacomp.