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Pro Bono Award for Allen & Overy Budapest lawyer

Allen & Overy Counsel Balázs Sahin-Tóth has won the International Bar Association’s Pro Bono Award, presented at the SPPI Awards Breakfast at the IBA Annual Conference in Sydney, Australia, reveals a press release received by the Budapest Business Journal.

The award is given each year to a lawyer who has shown an outstanding commitment to pro bono – not-for-profit voluntary work for public interest causes – and to building a culture of pro bono as part of their legal career.

The international award recognizes Sahin-Tóth’s role as a leader in developing a pro bono culture in Hungary. This includes his involvement in a wide range of pro bono activities, including as a trustee for PILnet (the global network for public interest law), advising a range of voluntary and public interest bodies, his pro bono teaching work at the Civil Law Department of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), and his legal support and other work on behalf of Roma causes in Hungary, including his support for the Chance for Children Foundation (CFCF) which supports Roma students.

Sahin-Tóth is also working with a range of professionals on an award-winning Roma employment integration program in Hungary.

“I am deeply honored, and profoundly humbled, to be receiving the IBA Pro Bono Award,” said Sahin-Tóth. “This major international award demonstrates how important it is to build a strong pro bono culture, to create a more robust and inclusive community, and I am glad to have played a leading role in this.”

The International Bar Association (IBA) is the world’s leading organization of international legal practitioners, bar associations and law societies, with a membership of more than 80,000 individual lawyers, and more than 190 bar associations and law societies spanning over 160 countries, notes the press release.