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Worldʼs largest upright piano debuts in Hungary

Composers and pianists Bruno Sanfilippo from Argentina and Amanda Bloom from Australia are to perform in Vác on March 25 to introduce the unique Klavins M450i Vertical Concert Grand.

Piano Day was launched in March 2015 by Berlin composer Nils Frahm, to fund the building of the M450i Vertical Concert Grand (VCG).

After three years of meticulous crafting, the 4.5 meter high piano will be unveiled on March 25 in Tolmács (65 km north of Budapest), before it will be moved to its final destination, Frahmʼs studio at the Funkhaus Berlin.

David Klavins is a Hungarian-based Latvian craftsman known for pushing the boundaries of piano design, and created the M450i VCG piano to achieve the maximum, fullest sound possible. With 12-foot bass strings and the world’s largest soundboard, the company boasts the instrument is "certainly the fullest, most heroic sounding piano on the planet".

At 3:30 p.m. on March 25, the public is invited to a Master’s Workshop in Klavins Pianos in Tolmács  (near Rétság), including a Q&A session with Klavins himself. From 7 p.m., the official Piano Day concert will take place at the Klavins Piano Manufaktúra workshop in nearby Vác, with Sanfilippo and Bloom playing another Klavins creation, the Una Corda Piano.

Tickets cost HUF 4,500 if bought online, or HUF 6,000 on the door (wine included) and cover both the main evening concert and the pre-concert Masterʼs Workshop. 

Full program and tickets are available on the Klavins Piano website.