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Slovenia’s average net wage down in May

The average net monthly earnings in Slovenia fell by a real 2.6% month-on-month to EUR 1,244 in May, after increasing by a real 11.5% in April, the Statistics Bureau of Slovenia (SURS) says. 

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In nominal terms, the average net monthly wage was down by a monthly 1.7% in May, following a 10.5% rise in April.

The statistical office did not provide a figure for the real change in annual terms, saying that in nominal terms the May net wage was up 11.7% compared to May 2019.

At the same time, the average monthly gross earnings amounted to EUR 1,892 in May, down by a real 3.2% and by a nominal 2.3% compared to April. They were higher by a nominal 9.5% in annual terms.

The net average monthly wage in the public sector was higher at EUR 1,447 in May than private sector earnings, which stood at an average EUR 1,104, SURS said on July 15.