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Slovakia’s Pellegrini calls on Fico to leave Smer-SD leadership

Slovak opposition Smer-SD vice-chair Peter Pellegrini has told a news conference that he has called on party chairman, and former prime minister, Robert Fico to leave the party leadership, reported the public service News Agency of the Slovak Republic (TASR). 

Former Slovakia Prime Minister Robert Fico. Photo by Alexandros Michailidis /

Pellegrini reacted to a statement made by Fico earlier in the day that Smer-SD needs new people, fighters, who don’t only want to achieve their personal ambitions.

“Smer-SD needs changes of an internal character, including in my position and behavior so that we can win a general election once again,” Fico said, adding that people willing to work need to be allowed to operate in senior Smer-SD posts.

Pellegrini stated that if Fico wants to help the party and social democracy in Slovakia, the time has come for him to leave the leadership.

Pellegrini praised the fact that he agrees with Fico on the need for the changes that would make Smer-SD a stronger party, however, there’s also the need to increase the party’s credibility, TASR reported on May 26.