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Poles construct first 3D printed life-saving ventilator

The first Polish 3D printed ventilator has been developed by a group of Polish engineers and designers from the company Urbicum, a manufacturer of 3D printers, heralding a potential breakthrough in producing life-saving devices cheaply Poland In reports.

Urbicum has shared the #VentilAid design for free. People connected to the company say it could save many lives in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic, and that the project needs aid and feedback from doctors, medics, designers and engineers.

Solutions adopted by the team are based on minimal price and simplicity of production. The total cost of the parts from which the ventilator can be constructed amounts to around PLN 200 (EUR 44), which allows it to be produced in developing countries, in addition to those European countries most affected by the COVID-19 disease, Spain and Italy, Poland In says.