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Poland to invest in innovative agricultural biogas plants

Twenty farm-scale biogas plants based on innovative Polish technology that will allow agricultural substrate management and its conversion into electricity and biomethane will be built under a letter of intent signed at the Ministry of Agriculture, reports the Polish News Agency (PAP).

Minister of Agriculture Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski. Photo courtesy of official Polish government website

The letter of intent on cooperation was signed by Orlen Poludnie, which is active in the production of biofuels and biocomponents, Poznan University of Life Sciences and the National Support Center for Agriculture (KOWR), which supervises Poland’s largest farms where the biogas plants are to be built.

The implementation of new investments will improve the economic efficiency of companies belonging to KOWR, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski said at the signing ceremony.

It will also serve to increase the competitiveness of Poland’s agriculture and contribute to the achievement of climate goals, he added.

It is estimated that the potential of substrates from Polish agriculture will allow for the production of around seven billion cubic meters (bcm) of biogas, one third of the domestic demand.

The value of the program is to reach at least PLN 500 million (EUR 113 mln), and the return on investment is foreseen in four to five years.

Under the agreement concluded on Wednesday, ORLEN Poludnie will serve as the general contractor of the project, while Poznan University of Life Sciences will provide the innovative technology to be used in the construction of the biogas plants, PAP said on July 29.