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One in four Romanian companies would import workers

Some 25% of Romanian companies, particularly in sectors such as hospitality or construction, but more recently also business process solutions and IT and communications, would consider importing workers to fill vacancies, reported, citing PwC’s PayWell report.

Demand is still predominantly oriented toward seasonal and low-skilled workers, the report reveals.

Experts also warn of acute workforce shortages caused by migration, ageing and a problematic education system, according to PwC.

The consultancy estimates that, in order to support a steady 3.5% annual growth rate, Romania needs one million more employees by 2022.

While workforce imports can be a short-time fix, in the medium and long term companies should focus on implementing programs for education and development of their own employees, says Ionut Sas, partner at PwC Romania.

Besides needing one million more employees in the next three years, Romania faces the challenge of having 600,000 jobs exposed to the digital transformation, from which 275,000 could be replaced by automation, notes.