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Number of COVID-19 pandemic cases climb further globally

In the Central and Eastern and Southeastern European region (CESEE), the number of people infected by coronavirus had reached 155,036, with 6,644 people dead and 99,515 recovered.

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As earlier, Poland has reported the most cases in the region with 35,950 infected persons (up from 33,907 a week ago) and with 1,517 fatalities (vs 1,438), followed by Romania at 28,973/1,750 (vs 26,313/1,612) and Moldova 17,814/585 (vs 16,250/530).

In Serbia, the number of new daily cases passed 300 on Saturday, the highest numbers since the middle of April. As of Sunday evening, the country has reported 16,131 cases and 311 people have died (vs 14,046/270 a week ago).

According to latest data, the number of new cases in the Czech Republic went up by 1,163 to 12,469/348 against 11,306/347 on the previous Sunday, while in North Macedonia the number of coronavirus cases 7,046/341 (vs 6,080/286).

The Bulgarian Health Ministry also on Saturday reported a record high of 182 new COVID-19 cases in 24 hours, taking its nationwide tally to 5,677 with 241 fatalities (vs 4,625/216 a week ago).

Next in the line Bosnia and Herzegovina at 4,962/195 (vs 3,935/178); Hungary, 4,183/589, (vs 4,142/581); Greece, 3,519/192 (vs 3,366/191); Croatia, 3,157/113 (vs 2,691/107); Kosovo, 3,064/55 (vs 2,169/37); Albania, 2,893/76 (vs 2,402/55); Estonia 1,993/69 (vs 1,987/69); Lithuania  1,836/79 (vs 1,815/78); Slovakia  1,764/28 (vs 1,664/28); Slovenia, 1,700/111 (vs 1,581/111); Latvia 1,124/30 (vs 1,116/30); and Montenegro 781/14 (vs 469/9).

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported a record increase in global coronavirus COVID-19 cases with 212,326 being recorded in just 24 hours, amid a surge in the United States, Brazil and India. The WHO’s situation report showed that just under 130,000 of those new cases were in the Americas, including the States, Brazil and Mexico, but the WHO said Southeast Asia, including India, stood at just under 28,000 new cases on Saturday. The previous biggest daily global increase had been 189,000, last Tuesday.

The WHO says the pandemic has not yet reached its peak in Central and South America, where Brazil has been the worst-hit so far. As of Monday (July 6) afternoon, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases reached 11,470,637 globally. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, 534,784 people have died from the virus, while 6,193,538 have recovered.

(Sources: Reuters, BBC, The Guardian,, John Hopkins University)