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Global coronavirus infections cross 30 million mark

Cases of COVID-19 are continuing to pick up across Central Europe. Poland reported 1,002 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, according to the Health Ministry, the highest daily increase since the pandemic began. 

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The Czech Republic’s daily count of new coronavirus cases slowed to 2,111 on Friday after four days of growth, data showed. The Czechs have seen the illness spreading at a record pace. Adjusted for population, only Spain and France within the European Union have seen a bigger jump in the last two weeks, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

COVID-19 registered cases also reached new daily record at 1,070 infected people in Hungary on Saturday. According to data, 41% of the coronavirus infected live in the capital city Budapest.

Lithuania and Slovakia also reported new daily records on Saturday. The number of infected people increased by 99 in Lithuania and 290 in Slovakia.

As of Sunday evening, the Central, Eastern and Southeast Europe (CESEE) region had 466,166 registered cases of COVID-19 (that is without Kosovo, which has produced no fresh data since August 25), compared to 416,384 a week ago, while 13,459 people had died (vs. 12,633) and 340,503 have recovered.

Romania has the most cases in CESEE: the number of infected people reached 111,550 (up from 102,386 a week earlier) and 4,402 people have died (vs. 4,127 a week ago).

Poland has 79,240 cases with 2,293 fatalities (vs. 73,650/2,182) followed by the Czech Republic 48,306/499 (vs. 35,401/453); Moldova 46,333/1,201 (vs. 42,714/1,117); Serbia 32,840/740 (vs. 32,300/731); Bosnia and Herzegovina 25,217/758 (vs. 23,138/690); Bulgaria 18,819/755 (vs. 17,891/717); Hungary 17,990/683 (vs. 12,309/637); North Macedonia 16,557/689 (vs. 15,694/646); Greece 14,978/331 (vs. 13,033/302); Croatia 14,922/248 (vs. 13,533/224); Albania 12,226/358 (vs. 11,185/330); Montenegro 7,898/134 (vs. 6,530/118); Slovakia 6,677/39 (vs. 5,532/38); Slovenia 4,420/142 (vs. 3,603/135); Lithuania 3,744/87 (vs. 3,335/87); Estonia 2,924/64 (vs. 2,676/64) and Latvia 1,525/36 (vs. 1,474/35).

Across the world there are now more than 30.8 million confirmed cases in 188 countries. More than 957,000 people have lost their lives. In Europe, France confirmed nearly 13,500 new COVID-19 cases over a 24-hour period on Saturday, setting another daily record in the number of infections in the country since the coronavirus pandemic began.

Germany also recorded its highest daily jump in infections since April with 2,297 new cases, according to the countryʼs health ministry. The increase on Saturday is still far below the daily incidence rate at the peak of the pandemic in March when over 6,000 cases were noted daily. 

(Sources: Euronews,, Johns Hopkins University)