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Czech Republic introduces new anti-coronavirus measures

The Czech government has re-introduced a number of measures to help curb the spread of coronavirus across the nation, Czech Radio reports. 


From midnight on Saturday, Czech residents across the country have been required to wear masks at indoor events with more than 100 people, Health Minister Adam Vojtěch said at a press conference.

In addition, the government will restrict the amount of people allowed to gather to a maximum of 500 people, a measure that came into force yesterday (Monday, July 27) Vojtěch added.

At large events, organizers may have to separate people into five groups of 100 people, each with their own entrance so individual groups do not mingle with each other, he said. H

owever, officials do not plan to declare a state of emergency as before. Vojtěch also clarified that residents will not be required to wear masks in places like shopping centers or trains, which oftentimes have more than 100 people indoors.

The news comes in light of local coronavirus outbreaks across the country and a growing number of new daily cases, Czech Radio notes.