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COVID-19 infections spiking in CESEE, set record in Czech

As of Sunday evening, the Central, Eastern and Southeast European (CESEE) region has 416,384 registered cases caused by COVID-19 (Kosovo has reported no fresh data since August 25), compared to 380,423 a week ago, while 12,633 people passed away (vs. 12,047). Meantime 248,413 people have recovered (vs. 248,413). 

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The Czech Republic on Saturday reported its largest one-day rise so far of new coronavirus infections, recording 1,447 cases, according to Ministry of Health data. Hungary’s daily new coronavirus cases reached a record 916 on Saturday, by far the highest since the onset of the pandemic.

Slovenia, which was the first European state to declare an end to the coronavirus pandemic in May, on Wednesday reported its the highest daily count (79) of new infections since registering its first case in March.

Romania’s total of coronavirus cases has passed 100,000 and authorities are set to extend a state of alert by a month. Greece reported 372 new cases on September 10, its highest daily tally since the start of the coronavirus outbreak in the country. It has also found at least 35 cases of coronavirus in the overcrowded migrant camp of Moria on the island of Lesbos which burned down on Wednesday, leaving thousands of migrants homeless.

Romania has the most cases as the number of infected people reached 102,386 (from 95,014 a week earlier) and 4,127 people have died, (vs. 3,893 a week ago). Poland has 73,650 cases with 2,182 fatalities (vs. 70,824/2,120) followed by: Moldova 42,714/1,117 (vs. 39,473/1,063); the Czech Republic 35,401/453 (vs. 27,752/431); Serbia 32,300/731 (vs. 31,849/723); Bosnia and Herzegovina 23,138/690 (vs. 21,439/651); Bulgaria 17,891/717 (vs. 17,050/671); North Macedonia 15,694/646 (vs. 14,998/614); Croatia 13,533/224 (vs. 11,964/198); Greece 13,033/302 (vs. 11,386/280); Hungary 12,309/637 (vs. 8,387/627); Albania 11,185/330 (vs. 10,102/312); Montenegro 6,530/118 (vs. 5,422/107); Slovakia 5,532/38 (vs. 4,614/37); Slovenia 3,603/135 (vs. 3,165/135); Lithuania 3,335/87 (vs. 3,040/86); Estonia 2,676/64 (vs. 2,516/64) and Latvia 1,474/35 (vs. 1,428/35).

The coronavirus that causes the respiratory infection COVID-19 is continuing its spread across the world with more than 28.77 million confirmed cases in 188 countries. More than 920,000 people have lost their lives. 

Belgium, Italy and the United Kingdom — among Europe’s worst-hit countries — are seeing a resurgence but, so far at least, nothing like March and April. Of the three, the U.K.’s figures look the most worrying. It registered 2,919 cases on September 10. France, meanwhile, declared 9,843 new cases on September 11, the highest figure it has ever recorded. 

(Sources: Reuters, Euronews,, Johns Hopkins University)