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Albania’s HICP accelerates in April

Albania’s EU harmonized index of consumer prices (HICP) increased by 2.3% year-on- year in April, after adding 2.1% in the previous month, the Tirana-based Institute of Statistics (Instat) says. 

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The strongest upward push on the annual inflation in April came from a 5.7% rise of food and non-alcoholic beverages, followed by the recreation and culture group with a 3.5% increase, Instat said on May 20.

In addition, costs for alcoholic beverages and tobacco added 1% and the same for transport grow by 0.6%.

On a monthly comparison basis, HICP decreased by 0.6% in April, after adding 0.8% in the previous month.

Albania’s non-harmonized consumer price inflation slowed down to an annual 1.9% in April, from 2.1% the previous month, Instat reported earlier this month.