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Skanska Hungary concludes ‘Health and Safety Week’

Real estate developer Skanska Property Hungary organized the local edition of the global initiative "Health and Safety Week" last week, putting emphasis on workplace wellbeing, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

The garden of Skanskaʼs Nordic Light project, which will be built on the wellbeing principles stressed by the firm.

The initiative was organized for the 15th consecutive year. There were thousands of activities held during the week at work sites and offices throughout Skanska globally, not only in Hungary.

At Skanska construction sites in Budapest, activities included prevention and management of risks, actions related to health and wellbeing at work, and simulations of dangerous situations with rescue techniques. The events also utilized cutting-edge technology, including a VR activity revolving around extinguishing fires without risk.

"Taking the right decision is essential, and a quick reaction is sometimes crucial," says Tímea Papp, environmental, health and safety manager of Skanska Property Hungary. "Itʼs very important to react whenever we notice that something could be done in a safer way; quick decisions can change lives forever. Increasing awareness of this and acting are continuously in our focus and during this week we emphasize it even more: be aware of your own limitations and reaction times, assess the situation well, choose priority actions, and act correctly."

The aim of the 2019 Health and Safety Week programs was the promotion of proactivity and leadership in safety and wellbeing. Skanska says that there are three main benefits to promoting wellbeing, encapsulated in three statements, namely:

- "Employees will be healthier, happier, more efficient and more focused in a healthy, comfortable environment."

- "Nature-inspired, biophilic approaches such as green walls and water elements provide visual and sound stimulation that has been shown to reduce stress and improve cognitive function."

- "Offering a workspace that employees can engage with and feel comfortable in can support your company when competing for today’s top candidates who are looking for more from a potential employer."