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New lease transactions signed at CPIʼs Gateway office complex

In the fall, two Hungarian subsidiaries of globally market-leading Swiss hearing aid manufacturer and distributor Sonova Group will move into their new offices in real estate developer CPI Property Groupʼs Gateway office complex.

The 36,000 sqm development, located at the Pest end of the Árpád Bridge, is 97% occupied after the agreements, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

"We are beyond an agreement reached during a difficult period. A contract along such a complex need was a serious challenge," explains András Bodahelyi, CPIʼs senior leasing manager. "It is a great pleasure that we proved to be the right partner for Sonova during the trial."

"Flexible and fast technical support for the offices designed with special units, and at the same time the maximum consideration of the tenantʼs needs was the main condition of the agreement," he adds.