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Atenor first to design buildings according to Access4You certification

Atenor is the first property developer to design its buildings according to the criteria of the accessibility certification and evaluation system created by Access4You, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

As reported in June, Access4You aims to make buildings accessible for people with disabilities, auditing premises from the viewpoint of people with special needs, proposing improvements, and providing a European certification for qualifying buildings.

Atenor says that an important principle of its corporate culture is social responsibility while respecting diversity, meaning the development of real estate projects that help the employment of people with special needs, supporting the integration of the physically and mentally disabled.

Atenor is the first developer to design projects together with rehabilitation engineers supported by Access4You, so that the buildings and their surroundings will be free of obstacles and offer solutions for access that make everyday life easier for people with special needs, says the press release.

“To obtain the highest available qualification, the Gold Grade Accessible Site, we hired Access4You for advisory services during the design process,” says Zoltán Borbély, country director of Atenor Hungary.  “From the beginning, we consider it our task to take responsibility for the environment, so we create sustainable buildings receiving Excellent certification, which is the highest qualification in BREEAM. We were the first green office building developer in Hungary and we have been working on synchronizing our projects with the ecological requirements since.”

“Beside environmental protection, we have already put another, very crucial factor in the focus of our developments: social responsibility,” Borbély adds. “That is why we decided that we are going to be the first developer, not only nationally but globally, to design all of its buildings according to the requirements of the evaluation system that includes 500 aspects, and which was created according to the needs of eight SPI target groups by Access4You.”

Access4You gives authenticated information about accessibility in various real estate segments. Its auditing process certifies the accessibility of locations, evaluating them according to four categories (basic, bronze, silver, and gold) and issuing a European certified trademark. Its database can be searched and filtered, giving access to the information obtained during the audit for everyone.

“As a person with special needs, it is good to see how Atenor thinks,” says Balázs Berecz, founder and director of Access4You. “Already during the design process, they pay attention to people with special needs.”

Atenor has some 28 projects under development, representing a portfolio of some 1,215,000 square meters, of which 232,000 sqm are developed in Hungary. It also has projects in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Poland, Portugal, and Romania.