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Századvég releases ’Declaration in Defense of Free Speech’

Pro-government Hungarian think tank the Századvég Foundation has published a "Declaration in Defense of Free Speech," while at the same time calling for nation states to have more supervision over social media, and heavily criticizing Facebook, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

The points of the declaration were agreed on by the participants of an April 8 conference on free speech and online censorship hosted by the foundation, Századvég said.

Five of the eight points involve popular social media platform Facebook, namely: "Nation states shall make rules preventing Facebook to abuse [sic] its monopoly," "Facebook shall be handed over to its users, i.e. to the small-shareholders," "Facebook shall not be allowed to shirk from respecting the constitutional rules and territorial scope of nation states," "Nation states shall impose sanctions with the power of criminal law against the censors of Facebook," and "Facebook shall respect the freedom of all of us."

The other points mostly revolve around giving more control to nation states in social media-related issues. The three remaining points are: "In the interests of usersʼ freedom, nations shall supervise global social media," "Courts shall discuss the practice of ʼarbitrary online censorship exerted by service providerʼ  ’Declaration in Defense of Free Speech’ in extrajudicial proceedings," and "Nation states shall take firm actions with the power of law against the external restraints on the constitutional rights of free speech, i.e. against the self-nominated censors."