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PM: Hungary is a ‘workfare society’

Hungary  “is not a welfare society” but “it is a labor-based workfare society”, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Friday at a conference in Bratislava entitled  “Dynamic Visegrad: Energy, Growth, Competitiveness”, in a videotaped address given in English.

According to the prime minister, the Hungarian government’s “target ” is to reach “full employment”. He explained: “We don’t pay social welfare if we haven’t received something from the people for that.”

In connection with the Hungarian tax system, the prime minister said: “We have a flat tax [and] we have probably the lowest SME corporate tax level. We don’t have heritage tax or that kind of thing, so it is a strange combination.”

Regarding what Hungary means, the prime minister used an analogy.

“Ideologists regularly are in trouble to define what a hell is that (sic), you know, it is like pornography: nobody knows what is it, but when you see it you can realize that probably that’s one,” Orbán said, “so you know it is very difficult to define what a hell is that.”

For the video of the prime ministerʼs talk click here.