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Ministers behaving badly: Illés, Fidesz apologize

Environmental Affairs Minister Zoltán Illés has apologized for sexist and insulting remarks used in parliament against a female opposition representative.

Illés responded Tuesday to a formal question from Bernadett Szél of the green LMP where amongst other things he said “just because you’re pretty doesn’t also mean you’re smart,” and lectured her for daring to utter the prime minister’s name.

Fidesz party communications director Máté Kocsis issued a formally apology for Illés's sophomoric remarks, as did Illés himself Wednesday through a text message.

Széll said she accepted the apology but doesn’t consider the matter concluded since it once more reflects the sexist attitude prevalent within the right-wing government’s way of thinking. LMP representatives have stated that a formal complaint will be made to the House Committee.

-- David Landry contributed to this story