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Kovács: second fence to be electrified with ‘safe current’

The second “smart” fence Hungary is building behind its original barrier on the Serbian border to stem the flow of migrants will be electrified with “completely safe current” harmless to people, Government Spokesman Zoltán Kovács said on Monday.

Convicts erect the second ‘smart fence’ behind the first barrier near Kelebia (photo: MTI/Sándor Ujvári).

The “intelligent fence” will have “much greater technical capabilities” than the one before it, Kovács was reported as saying. “Thanks to the new technology, a low voltage, and completely safe current will also be flowing through the fence, which will send an alarm to border control authorities if any attempts are made to damage it,” official government website reported.

The new fence, which is often referred to by the government as a second line of defense, is scheduled to be completed by May 1.

Although Hungary has already received wide criticism for the first fence, Kovács insisted Hungary cares about the safety of the EU. 

“The fence is protecting the European Union, not Hungary, and if Hungary can stop illegal migration in this manner, then there is no need for the tailbacks at the Hegyeshalom border crossing station either, since it has also defended Austria,” he said.

“The goal to be realized by the fence is exactly what the Austrians want too, i.e. that nobody is able to cross the border who will need to be sent back later because they are in the EU illegally,” Kovács stressed, according to