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Hungarian MP: Brussels trying to ‘build dictatorship’

Imre Vejkey, an MP of junior governing coalition party the Christian Democrats (KDNP), said on Monday in Parliament that he believes “Brussels is building a dictatorship,” and this is the reason why it “must be stopped,” speaking during a debate on an energy proposal the European Commission recently tabled, according to Hungarian online news portal

In his speech the MP referred to the Hungarian government’s “national consultation” in which it exclaims “Brussels must be stopped!” One of the questions in the consultation questionnaire mailed to the Hungarian electorate claims that Brussels is trying to “force Hungary to scrap utility price reductions.”

Vejkey’s comments are in line with the governmentʼs communication, which asserts that the European Union is challenging gas and electricity prices set by the Hungarian state. The government claims that the reduced prices introduced in 2013 are cheaper than market prices, while some professionals disagree, claiming that the prices have since changed and that latest data suggest market prices are cheaper.

“In a really short description, it is obvious, honorable ladies and gentlemen, that Brussels should not be stopped based on the tectonic movement of the European plates … The problem is that Brussels is building a dictatorship. A dictatorship, honorable ladies and gentlemen,” Vejkey stressed during his speech, apparently supporting his unsubstantiated claim by citing the EU’s challenge to Hungaryʼs state-set utility prices.

According to a report by online news portal, however, the European Commission has drafted a proposal on new energy packages which could only come into effect if all member states approve it, including Hungary.

The online daily notes that the proposed package would leave gas prices intact, which in Hungary outweigh the costs of electricity, while it would relate to only one element of electricity prices, which is not the element the Hungarian government cut.