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Hungarian gov’t to launch ‘stop Brussels’ consultation

The Hungarian government looks likely to launch a national consultation, accompanied by “intensive information activities”, asking Hungarian citizens to help the government “stop Brussels”, according to a post published recently on the government’s official facebook page.

The picture (below), accompanying the post, shows a stop sign with a white palm in the middle; the texts reading “Let’s stop Brussels”, and under it “national consultation 2017”.

The move is not unexpected from Hungary’s euroskeptic governing party Fidesz, which has been openly critical of the European Union, often criticizing “Brussels” and its “bureaucrats”. 

“The consultation is necessary, because Brussels wants to take rights away in many fields from the member states, endangering national sovereignty,” the facebook post from the government reads. “Therefore the main message will be that Brussels needs to be stopped,” it concludes.

Hungary has been among the chief financial beneficiaries of being the member of the European Union. Statistics also show that more and more Hungarians relocate inside the European Union to find better-paying jobs. In the past decade, Hungary has received a tremendous amount of EU funds; some HUF 8.2 trillion was sent to Hungary just in the 2007-2013 funding cycle. 

Hungary’s apparent dependence on EU funds can be observed by investment data. The volume of investments in the national economy was 24% lower in Q4 2016, according to the Central Statistical Office (KSH), the fall being consistent with the period between EU budget cycles, when less funds were available, according to reports.