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Former farming minister, Smallholders leader Torgyán dies at 85

József Torgyán, former agriculture minister and president of the Independent Smallholders Party (FKgP), passed away at the age of 85 on Sunday morning in his family home, according to Hungarian media reports.

József Torgyán on June 10, 2016, at Vörösmarty tér in Budapest, participating in the 87th Book Week (photo: Wikimedia Commons / Andor Elekes).

Torgyán, who was a lawyer by training, served as an MP in the 1990-2002 period, was president of the FKgP from 1991 to 2002, and Hungaryʼs minister of agriculture and rural development under the first Orbán government in 1998-2001.

Torgyán was hospitalized in December due to issues with his heart, according to Hungarian online news portal; however, the family declined to release further details on the condition of the politician.